June 22nd In Rock

June 22nd In Rock





Death's fifth studio album. It was Steve DiGiorgio's final record, Andy LaRocque's sole and Gene Hoglan's first record with the band. "Individual Thought Patterns" received extremely positive feedback on release, garnering many high scores and placements in lists. The album charted at 30 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums. In 2011, it was reissued by Relapse Records, featuring live cuts of every song and 1 new bonus track. Additionally, instrumentals for all songs on "Individual Thought Patterns" were included.





The seventeenth studio album released by Motörhead. Cameron Webb, who was working the band for the first time, spoke about his initial experience with Lemmy Kilmister: "..I talked about how I wanted to make a really heavy record with them. That was a mistake, because Lemmy likes to play rock 'n' roll — he doesn't like to play heavy music — and he called me on it..". "Inferno" reached 95 on the UK Albums chart and was released alongside a DVD in certain countries, featuring 3 music videos and an interview/behind the scenes movie.





"Dehumanizer" is Black Sabbath's sixteenth studio album and the first record in over 10 years at the time featuring Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice. In addition, "Dehumanizer" was also Geezer Butler's first album with the band in 9 years. In interviews, Dio talked about Black Sabbath's intent during the recording process, saying: "We wanted to capture what we are live and that's really what I think we did. We didn't do tons of overdubs or a lot of chorus-y kind of things... We recorded it true to what the band is: just guitar, bass, drums and vocals, y'know – a couple of keyboard things here and there.". The album reached 44 on the Billboard 200 and 28 on the UK Albums chart. In the US version of "Dehumanizer", a bonus track titled "Time Machine" can be found. In 2011, the album received a deluxe edition reissue featuring several bonus tracks, most of which are live performances recorded in 1992.

June 21st In Rock

June 21st In Rock