Silent Planet "Everything Was Sound"

Silent Planet "Everything Was Sound"




Today I got the chance to listen to Silent Planet a Christian metalcore outfit that are using their music as a means to shed some light on mental illness. I have to say I really like what Silent Planet has done on their latest release “Everything Was Sound”.

Not only are these rockers extremely talented but they are also taking a completely different approach to this sub genre of metal. More often then not metal music is rooted in negative themes and dark subject matter, which dont get me wrong, one of the reasons I love heavy metal is it’s exploration into more serious topics and use of dark lyricism. That being said it’s very cool to listen to a band like Silent Planet that has a more positive approach to their music. As stated above the band is really delving into the topic of mental illness and trying to bring awareness to these debilitating sicknesses. After listening to “Everything Was Sound” I can honestly say I am not just a fan of the message they are trying to convey but also their amazing music.

The song that really delves into mental illness is the hit track “Understanding Love As Loss”. The song has a slow intro with the first thirty seconds being relatively silent with a synth undertone that eases us into the carnage. After that thirty second or so intro the music really gets pumping with a slam oriented spread out riff smashing away at us. The deep and powerful screams really amplify the intensity of the track. Then when we are about two and a half minutes in a very nice change of place happens and a funky drum and synth pattern asserts itself over the music. The lyrics of the song are extremely powerful and really focus on how mental illness slowly eats away at a person until they finally can’t take it anymore.

Another great song off of the record was “Nervosa”, which has an extremely intense intro and another spread out slam sounding riff that will have you periodically bang your head along with the large cymbal smashes. “Nervosa” also features some well done faster verses which allowed the lead vocalist to show us more of a softer side to his voice. Although the verse is great the real highlight for me was when the band rips into their chorus, the clean vocals matched with the amazing quick loops and violent spaced out drum pattern really make the track pop and will most definitely appeal to any of you metal core and death core fans.

The record closes out with “Inhabit The Wound” which had a soft synth pattern and light drum pattern. We also get the chance to hear some true clean vocals that match the eery riff perfectly. Silent Planet’s uses a synth pattern in unison with the drums and vocals which ends up with a very unique solo that sounds absolutely astonishing and is a lot of fun to listen to. This track is rather conserved as opposed to other songs on the album, until the end of the track that is. About two thirds of the way into the song Silent Planet really gets the party going with a super fast and overly heavy guitar riff that is of course complimented by the return of the spaced out screams that work in perfect unison with the musical aspects of the track.

Make sure to check out Silent Planet’s album “Everything Was Sound”, I for one am going to spin this record a few more times and patiently wait for the next release form Silent Planet.

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